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So I've come to respect and agree with a lot of what herecomesyourman posts on the boards, but I don't see what you're talking about with both this prime number PT idea, or recording an 88.2 session into a DSD some how sounding better than just the mix. If I'm working with mp3 files, will recording them into a CD burner make them sound better? It seems like you're going to be limited by the source, not the destination. Any degradation has already occurred, you're just recording it said degradation in a nicer format.

If the Pro Tools prime number thing is true (I tried it myself on some sessions and found no differences what so ever, and the files null completely, which is the ultimate test of a difference in this arena), then the engineers and developers of the worlds most popular (not saying it's the best) DAW seem to be unable to do basic math. That's what this phenomenon would require. Or they've intentionally built in this secret mix weapon into PT but decided to not tell anyone about it. The poster with the explanation of floating point math showed this exactly, this just does not seem possible.

Have you reported this inability to add and multiple correctly to Digi/Avid? It seems like if they heard of a very fundamental flaw in their mix engine over the course of FOUR major releases, they would have done something about it. Also, how is it that no one else has ever reported or mentioned this effect, and seemingly no poster on this thread has been able to notice it either. I'm sorry to say dude, this seems to just be you on this one. Like I said bro, I agree with a lot of what you post in here, but this doesn't add up, no pun intended.