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Old 15th December 2013
Wow. That's all a bit Smoothvibe-ish...but at least written in plain english!

Not saying you're wrong...but if I had to think about all this stuff, I'd never finish a mix and make a living.

I'm not saying you're wrong...but the guys I know who make the best mixes don't seem to worry about it. I'm going to continue to aim to emulate them I think! I've never been in a session with a top mixer who's sat down and specifically set the faders to a particular value....they just do things by ear.

I appreciate what you've written above about DSD, but I kind of think the same thing there. The mixes I like never went near DSD - I don't know anyone who uses it professionally, certainly not the guys I listen to. Not that it would suit my workflow anyway..but as I've said, a great AD sounds to me like the desk mix/monitor mix. If I wanted the sound of 1/2" I'll use 1/2"! I still don't really understand how you get from DSD onto a CD without going to PCM anyway...? Or is this the argument that even after the conversion, it still makes a difference?

I I said, the best engineers I know don't seem to need this...