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Old 15th December 2013
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SRH840 headband issues

My headphone search continues. In doing more research and auditioning, I've been able to listen to many more pairs.

The Sennheiser HD600 is, I have to say, MUCH better to my ears than the Beyerdynamic DT880. After hearing some things through those phones, I felt like "AHA! My issues with the Beyers was not imagined after all!"

But ... I'll be in an environment where people will be making a lot of noise, and I need to hear my stuff. The closest sounding closed phone they had to the sound of the HD600 in stock was the Shure SRH840. What I thought was going to sound bass and treble hyped actually sounded very neutral. Not *as* clear as the HD600s, but close, certainly closer and with a better balance between lows, mids, highs than anything else I've heard in a closed can.

But man, that headband really feels like a brick on the top of my head. Is there a way I could flex it to loosen that up a bit/put some of the pressure to the sides instead of all at the apex of my head? I'd hate to think I'll need to use electrical tape to hold some foam onto the bottom sides headband so that the weight is distributed off that one point. Anyone have any experience with this? I hear the band is a common complaint, and man, I don't think I could sit with that thing on my cranium for hours if it doesn't get more comfortable somehow.

I'm also thinking I should hear the SRH940s, however, as much as people like those, they describe them as sounding like the DT880s. The Headroom graphs make me think they'd sound like the HD600, but then again, those graphs make the 600 and DT880 look similar too...

Thanks again, guys. You're awesome.