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Old 8th December 2013
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No sound from KRK rokit 5 g3?

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for my extremely noobish question, but I'm getting really frustrated here and its bumming me out.
I recently bought an pioneer xdj r1 with two rokit r5 G3 monitors and a focusrite 2i2 for some producing. Problem is, no sound is coming from my speakers most of the time! I've connected my r1 from master output to the front of the 2i2 and connected my R5's xlr output to the back of the 2i2. Now when I'm using the R1 I put the 2i2 on direct monitor on and everything works great. But when I want to play anything from my computer, say youtube (I haven't downloaded a DAW yet) no sound is coming from the monitors! only after like 5 minutes the left monitor jumps on (if at all), and the right one almost never makes a sound. The lights are on, the drivers for the 2i2 are installed, I checked the cable connections, played with some knobs. Sometimes when they do turn on, they make a weird slow-motion distorted sound. Again, with the r1 it works great.

What in the hell am I doing wrong??