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Originally Posted by ayampols ➡️
Have you tried unplugging and plugging a few times? Doing this works for me. There is a defect in the Apogee devices when used with the lightning connector, and Apogee has acknowledged being able to reproduce it. I hope they will release firmware to address this soon.
Did they say exactly what this "defect" is?

I just picked up a new "Duet for iPad and Mac" so I would love to know!

I did a quick test with my iPad Air and it appears to be working properly. But I haven't dived deep into it yet!

Using it with my new MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch, running Mavericks... Now that's another story!
I'm getting a lot of Application "Hangs" (Maestro 2, iTunes, etc..). I have to constantly unplug the Duet from the computer!
I'm also getting random audio drop outs!

But hey... At least it's not losing connection with the computer!

Apogee needs to work on their Firmware/Software updates!
It's seems like their Drivers are the biggest issue here!
But what do I know... I'm a musician!

Apogee support has been pretty bad as well!