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Origin Effects Cali76 / SlideRig

OK, I went back and forth between the Cali76, Cali76+xfmr, and Sliderig, and decided on the Sliderig. Got it yesterday. It is extremely rare that I will ever refer to a piece of equipment as a "game changer" - especially something like a guitar pedal. However, if the term describes any piece of gear, it's the Sliderig.

First, the tone is absolutely pristine. I mean, there's no noise, no edge, no muddiness, nothing. Just pure, glistening guitar sound coming through - and that's in both rhythm and solo mode (actually, there's no difference between rhythm and solo. They're just 2 sets of controls on the same pair of stacked compressors). And the clean, noiseless sustain is just ridiculous. You don't get any white noise coming up at the end of the note.

Now, on the "game changer" part, the ability to even out the volume so smoothly between single lines, double stops, and chords is really uncanny. They all just fit together, and the tone is the same. Not close. The same. If you're playing crystaline note-tweezing leads up top, then when you go to the bottom of the neck your chords are just as crystalline. You don't get any mud for hitting the compressor harder. So if you're playing rhythm and need a lead fill, you can go for it with confidence. It's just there, as loud as a lead should be. There's no question it's going to come out the way a lead should, except it's the same tone as the rhythm part.