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I have two Maag EQ4 in my API 1608, and those two channels are my "holy" channels. Everything you put thru there comes out just a bit more pleasing and well-sorted, so to speak. If I had to work on a 1608 with just one type of EQ in each channel, it definitely woukd be the Maags! Those are sweet as butter, not the right thing to shape your Metal-bassdrum perhaps, but on acoustic instruments and even on synths they just excell everything else. I did a quick direct comparison with my GML 9500 mastering EQ, when I bought those: the Maags are in the same ballpark! Of course not so versatile, but regarding the pureness of sound top notch! Only thing missing (on both EQs) would be a HPF that sounds exactly as sweet as the rest of the frequency-bands!