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okay, pressing on with the dream of marrying the intimacy of nick drake and james taylor with the psychedelic mystery of massive attack and portishead, these are my current candidates to audition:

pre: phoenix drs1, tab v78, chandler ltd1

comp: la2a, api 525, daking 91579

anything missing from that list you think i'd be a fool to not try out? keep this in mind: my music is ALL ABOUT the vocal, and the vocal has to be magical. i can deliver it, now i need to capture it. i have no interest in a neutral pre or transparent compression or any sort of homage to "honesty". larger than life, velvet, thick, and forward is the goal here.

mic is a u99.


del ubik

My Chain is:

Soundelux E49> Great River MP-2NV > EQ-2NV > Chandler Germanium Compressor > Manley Massive Passive.

It's pretty much the best vocal sound I've ever gotten, though you could sub out the Chandler for a Slate Dragon for a more modern vibe.