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Here for the gear

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thanks for the words, jj. here's my voice and the style, i would be deeply grateful if you (and anyone else) were to listen and make recommendations based on what you hear:

i use a u99, which i preferred over the elux251, brauner vm1, and a 47fet for the reasons you mentioned (open top, robust bottom). i currently kiss a langevin elop and api 2500 on the way in, with the uad la2a doing the rest at mix. the plugin is very unsatisfactory, hence this thread.

i love the 1176, but i have this desire to get less popular tools that do an equally stellar job in a slightly different way than the traditional go-to's, in a vainglorious attempt to have my productions sound a little different than everyone else's.

thanks for your time,

del ubik
apologies for resurrecting this thread from the dead, all!

gregory, please share where your quest has taken you today. now that you have several specialized sonic tools on offer, do they play a role within your vocal tracking to yield that buttery, intimate, huge and silky sound? (not quoting you exactly but these are things i'm aiming for along with a bit of stardust!)

also, i'd hoped to hear your vocal sample but it's long gone...

thanks much,