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Old 14th November 2013
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Originally Posted by Rick Carson View Post
I would doubt that this is real. I will chime in and say the broken mod on his main 1176. Is 100% real and has been confirmed. I dont think DK would do this though.

Originally Posted by David Kulka View Post
In my opinion it's definitely broken, or at least not working correctly. The unit was in our shop a couple of years ago and we discovered a miswire in the preamp circuit that caused unusual things at certain levels and frequencies. We fixed it, but Chris was bummed about the change in sound and had us restore the "fault". The other day he was talking about having us refurb one or two other 1176's that he picked up, but I don't think he wants the "broken" one touched, ever, unless it completely dies some day.

It's funny that the story about the broken 1176 got out. Is it in an interview?