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I usually do a quick check for updates on the threads that I am participating by using the "My Posts" query. On the iPhone GS App, the results are prefixed with the number of new posts (since my last visit or something, dunno, it just works...) which are highlighted if > 0. The web site does not show me quickly if there's something new in these threads.
If I am missing something, please tell me. If not, is this possible to add?

And something related:
The app lets me choose if I want to directly go to the very last post of such a thread when tapping on it. The web site shows a link to MY last post for quick navigation (which is good and probably the most used function), but does not offer a "go to last post". BTW, the standard list of topics when I simply browse the forum has both "Last Post By xyz" and "Last Page" links. Maybe the "Last Page" link could be added to the "My Posts" results list?

Device: iPhone 4/iOS 7.0.2