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Originally posted by Randy Copus
Great pics Michael! I bet you're gonna paint the CR at WireWorld green and yellow now.

How are you going to get the 91 inside the kick without making a hole in the head, which I presume you don't want to make because it sounds good the way it is? Time to get out the power drill...
Well, the SM91 has a very small plug on the end of the cable, which actually fits through the little airhole on top of the kick (not all kicks, but the Gretsch works), so that's how we get the mic in there. Obviously, I have to take the front head off for the installation process, but it goes back on, no hole, right after.

Originally posted by Remoteness

Michael, correct me if I'm wrong...

I believe, when Michael gets back in the studio, he will set up a speaker box with an SM91 inside it. Then he will place this interesting contraption where the D112 is placed in the picture.
Nope, sorry, the SM91 goes inside the kick (it's there to pick up the attack, so it needs to be close to the beater head) and the little speaker contraption; I posted a picture here: goes right in front, kinda where the D112 is right now.

Very cool idea. I must try this on the next drummer that has a double skin bass drum without a hole.
true, no rules, maybe that works too