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Old 21st September 2002
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DMA. You know I don't know when they added DMA to the ATA bus.

I guess i'm just trying to temper my enthusiasm for a full DDR bus because I think that it will be beneficial but I doubt we see much larger than a 10% increase in memory bound processes.

LOL..18 months sounds about what the Apple calendar calls a year heheheh.

Well Apple is going to have to hold on tight because Intel and AMD are preparing to launch their sprints next year. AMD knows Hammer is their hope for keeping up.

On a off topic mode.

I recently found out that Apple has hired Dominic Giampaolo and Pavel Cisler of BeOS fame. Dom basically wrote BFS(Beos File System) and added Journaling in like 1200 lines of code!!! Of course he didn't have legacy issues to deal with but my limited experience with BeOS was nice. Instant could unplug the computer and wouldn't lose any data nor have to run a Disc Check.

If Apple is smart they'll be revamping the FS in OSX using his handy work. Imagine you have Audio files and sample littered all over 300+ Gigabytes of HD. Good luck finding them unless you're a very organized individual. Hopefully we'll see OSX someday with a Journaling FS with Database like functionality in the FS as well as great Metadata(like the OS9 Type/Creator features but better with no need for .xxx extensions).

Sorry for that rant but it does apply to all of us. let's hope our Hardware is worthy of running such an OS.