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I've been interested in these "amp in a box" offerings from Wampler, but question for those of you who have the triple wreck, how do you set up your gain staging? Do you put it in front of a clean channel setting, or just use some of the pedal's power to juice up a slightly dirty amp channel? How does either approach compare sonically?
Any really high gain pedal is made to use in front of a clean channel. You can ask who you like Brian will tell you the same. Overdrives are more for dirty channels or breaking up a channel near breakup.
A high gain pedal is made to mimic the sound of a uber gain amp and must have a cleaner basic foundation from which to work properly. Even the Tweed type pedals or Blackface drive are made more for cleaner channels to allow the pedal to alter the tone structure to the other amp's structure.

A distortion pedal is not an overdrive, if you want tube gain use the overdrive if you want the pedal to manifest its design use a cleaner foundation. I suspect the dislike of some for pedals is more so do to not dialing them in properly or running them into the right amp tone.
The Triple W is perhaps the most intense uber gain articulate pedal there is, when you engage its fuzz boost circuit it goes over the top in a sort of imagine Gilmours most intense Muff tone, you do not want that running into a an already distorted channel, it will be a mud fest of bad distortion mush.
Many have made a career out of using a strong wattage amp set cleaner and using pedals to manipulate the tones for more fuzz and pedal gains.
Sounds better.
Many of us use combinations of pedals but to this day if I want to hear the sound of a great pedal gain I go to a cleaner channel.