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I've been interested in these "amp in a box" offerings from Wampler, but question for those of you who have the triple wreck, how do you set up your gain staging? Do you put it in front of a clean channel setting, or just use some of the pedal's power to juice up a slightly dirty amp channel? How does either approach compare sonically?
I would check out the manual if you get a chance. There are lots of great tips. I run into the clean channel. I do not like how the pedal plays with other distortion. The triple has plenty of gain on its own IMO. When I plugged in the dirty channel of a PRS H head, the tight distortion lost its focus a bit. I think it works best when its doing all the dirty work. I have been running my triple wreck after my diamond comp and RC booster. I love the way the compressor works with the triple wreck. The RC boost sort of does the same thing without any compression but I don't find myself using both at the same time. I give a tiny bit of treble/volume boost from the comp which brings out a little more hair on the triple wreck. I keep the gain on the triple wreck at about 2 o clock. The contout on the boost on the trip wreck is around 9-10 o clock so that when i kick it on it makes the pedal sound a bit like the gain is at 4 o clock.