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He won't be sorry with a Duet 2 they sound great as do the Quartets as do Metric Halo's both companies Apogee and Metric Halo make great gear. I have found the Metric Halo stuff to be a tad more expensive. I bought my Quartet because it spec'd out at such a high level I would have to had spent 2k to equal its conversion.

The 2882 is older conversion its not bad. AD has a dynamic range of 110 DB A weighted and the DA has a Dynamic range of 120DB A weighted. As does the ULN2.

Both the Duet 2 and Quartet respectively beat that out at AD 114DB A Weighted and DA 123DB A weighted .

So basically the Apogee's spec out a little better conversion wise but they are close. I would say the Mic Pre on the ULN is going to be better than the ones on the 2882 because they are newer Mic Pre's and Metric Halo made improvements in that department. That said Mic Pres do have different flavors and you can turn out great recordings with either unit.
As too whether ones like the ULN 2 Mic vs the Duet 2 Mic Pre its up to the person.

Cost wise though the Metric Halo ULN 2 is more than a Duet 2 and by a fair amount. For the price of ULN 2 you could buy a Quartet and have more analog inputs.

Though considering the OP was talking about ULN2 vs Duet 2 more inputs with the ULN 2 but your spending $800 more.