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Wampler Pedals are a top shelf pick.
The Triple W is one of the most intense, articulate, high gain pedals, the Pinnacle is great but the Triple is more intense.
The Pinnacle was formed to be a magic JCM800, the Triple is meant to hit a Triple Rec gain structure.
Wampler pedals will not wash out your tone, they are very transparent to the guitar tone, very articulate, and morph well with others.

Do yourself a fav the Triple is not a cheese pedal, the others will soon get boring. If you like to have a high gain pedal on hand because well they are fun as hell. The Triple is suburb. Pay attention to the manual, the boost circuit is a fuzz which lays on the norm dist voicing. The one control only works on the boost contour when on. Wampler makes probably the best drives and high gains, they stay on your board and that is quite a task for me as I am changing pedals constantly.