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You've hit the exact button I wanted this mic to press. I currently use KM54s for acoustic and they're incredibly good. I'm selling one and thinking of grabbing a C12 in the process.

Yeah I'm not holding my breath (slight pun slightly intended). They passed the $10K threshold a while ago.
I dunno. It would be hard to beat a KM54 pair for acoustic guitar. I think. Now that I have used them.....Especially finger style. Message me if you are selling one.

Have you heard a CS1 Lucas mic yet? They are pretty special. I don't have a C12 but I do have a VF14 U47 and a Wunder. The Wunder is in the ballpark but in no way not the U47.
The C12 is a classic but the CS1 is a real nice mic I think. It looks and kind of runs in the same pack as a C12. It reaches for miles though. And it's not too hyped in the highs like a CV12R which I am not a fan. Just my opinions of course.