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I think the Maag EQ4 is almost like an EQ equivalent to an expander or get more of everything without phase issues and with some cool contouring when you boost. It's not really a surgical cutting tool though, I think of it as something to sweeten the pot.

I wouldn't use it for everything, but it's very well made and thought out. Unique for sure. I haven't ever used any NTI products but I did very much like the EQ4 after putting it through it's paces. I wish I'd had a pair around when I tried it at home...but I get the gist of what it would sound like from the plug in on a bus. If that's your thing I would just get 'em and see if they measure up to what you're missing. If not you can always flip them fast since they're popular.

Obviously Cliff Maag stands behind his product to post on here directly that should tell you that he at least cares about his customers getting that sound in a new iteration.