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Old 25th October 2013
Granted. Even with the greatest advice I read I still need to sit down with the gear myself to come to a conclusion.

By "that sound" in the OP I was referring a classic warm fat analog sound which is something I feel I'm lacking. Many times "the sound" can be created after the fact with effects and plugins, but I've never laid hand on a true (read: expensive) synth that can give me that warm analog feel out of the box.

The SH-101 is the most authentic sounding synth of the bunch IMHO. I can do many things with my Virus and JD990 (also my Ambika is my favorite polyphonic at the moment) but there can be a lot of digging I need to do to achieve good results (could also be a factor of me having rack versions vs keyboard version). I would like to add a keyboarded synth to my setup that's more satisfying to use from the get go and I think a DSI or Moog might be that.