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Old 21st September 2002
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Thanks for the education on the Mac bus topology. I do try and follow tech developments across platforms. You never know when one is going to finally gain a clear and objective advantage.

This IBM CPU looks pretty serious, but as usual, it's all about timing. If Moto had been able to get the G4 up to 1GHz a good bit sooner, the whole horsepower picture would have been reversed.

If they can make this thing real in the next year, Mac users will be gratified in the extreme, I would guess. Heck, I'll probably be one myself at that point, should it happen.

Since we're now in uber-geek mode anyway, I'll forge ahead a bit more. DDR under a single rate FSB may help the Mac a bit here and there, but it's definitely hobbled nonetheless.

Here's a pretty interesting link to a comparison of a number of different chipsets in use with the same speed P4 using identical components.

Check the Intel 845 and 845D specifically. Same chipset, one with SDR and the "D" with DDR and the attendant double rate FSB. Otherwise identical. There is not a single benchmark where DDR fails to show an advantage, as opposed to the Mac DDR vs SDR, where the advantage is spotty. So I suppose we both get to be correct here. There is some advantage to DDR for the new Macs, but in a good many cases it ranges from slight to none, due to the FSB issue, IMO.

One question. The Mac article you quote mentions Direct Memory Access as though it were somewhat new. How long have Macs used DMA to address IDE drives?

Brian T