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Old 23rd October 2013
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Mavericks installers for Apogee interfaces just uploaded

Just an FYI that we put up the installers for 10.9 this afternoon. Almost everything has a new installer for this update, so if you're being bold and making the early jump to Mavericks, make sure you're using the latest software/firmware.

The following devices have new installers:
-ONE for iPad and Mac
-Duet 2
-Duet FireWire
-Duet for iPad and Mac

Downloads available here:
Apogee Electronics > Apogee Support & Product Downloads

The Symphony I/O installer is coming soon. You can sign up here to be notified when it becomes available:
Apogee Customer Survey

Here is a full chart of compatibility:
Apogee OS X Mavericks update guide and compatibility overview

If you run into any issues, please let us know through our Tech Support portal:
Apogee Electronics > Product Registration & Technical Support

Thanks and enjoy!