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^I hear you.

I think you should consider a 2nd pair of monitors honestly... so that you avoid buyer's remorse. Buy the sub for the right reasons (to extend the lows of your Yams so you can properly mix/tweak the bass)... or just get something else.

For example.. the price of the HS10w is around $300 bucks, give or take.

For that price, you could get a used pair of mackie MR8's right now on Ebay (it's literally the first item that popped up when I typed in Mackie MR8. Those will probably (emphasis on probably.. since I don't own a pair) bump how you want em to bump.

You could probably even find a pair of Rokits for around that price that will give you some bump. I see a pair on Ebay for $360 right now.

I get what you want... you want a way to "feel" your music, after you got your mix right. or.. you just want to enjoy the music in general without it being so "perfect" (not like the Yams are perfect.. i'm just saying). You wanna get down! like you said

It would be much better (and easier) to get a secondary pair of monitors along said your HS80s. You could also use them as a reference and spot check your mixes, by A/Bing between the Yams and the second pair you decide on... and use them for general enjoyment, like you want.