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You are missing something, if you check the manual there's a Stereo AUX Send and two Mono Aux Sends on every channel.

(From the manual.)

"Auxiliary Sends
Auxiliary/Cue Controls

Mono Aux Sends 1/2 AUX 1 and AUX 2 are mono auxiliary sends that feed aux buses 1 and 2. These sends are commonly used as effects sends, but can be used for additional headphone feed or other purposes. A common on/off switch is used to silently engage both mono sends. The post-fader signal feeds AUX 1/2 by default, but the pair can be switched to the pre-fader signal. “The BOX” is equipped with four (4) auxiliary sends fed by two (2) mono auxiliary sends (1/2), and one (1) stereo auxiliary/cue send (3/4). Each pair of sends has pre/post-fader routing and an on/off switch. The stereo aux send (3/4) can be routed to feed the stereo cue bus instead of aux buses 3 & 4. To support these sends, “The BOX” is equipped with four auxiliary buses, a stereo cue bus, and corresponding masters with balanced outputs."
Um, I said aux RETURNS, like a true FX aux/return setup that most consoles have. I don't see dedicated FX returns which doesnt' make the aux busses useful for outboard have to use the summing inputs for FX returns...