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It's a Hipshot system...
Very interesting !! But as it needs a lot of messing now I know that's not for me

There's nothing wrong with choosing a maple Tele over rosewood for Rock; the maple has a slightly different attack - very snappy - and with the finish they put on it, has a more slippery feel than rosewood (which is great for bending notes). When you add gain and adjust the EQ on your amp, you shouldn't notice a massive difference in tone between the two - it's more of a difference in feel. The AVRI's are great guitars.
Yes, this is the snappy thing I like on Teles ! This was my main fear, that maple just can't work for rock sounds...
Thank you very much

I'll see with the shops if there's any "Satisfied or your money back" this way I'll do no mistake.

Thank you all