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Old 19th October 2013
The Virus TI keyboard has one of the nicest keybeds from what I hear, but yeah, super expensive. I use my Rack XL for some percussive stuff and some darker sounding bass and stabs and keys. I haven't played with a TI yet but people say the character of the Virus C/Rack XL is more classic and warm than the newer Viruses. For the amount I use the Virus I don't know if I can justify buying a TI yet.

As for modular, I have a few modules in mind to buy already, but yeah they would cost enough to leave me with nothing left over for non-modular pursuits. Some of my gear can send/receive CV so part of my reason for starting out modular was that I could do *some* sequencing and glitching with what I already have. My thought with modular though is that it could replace some of what I'm selling off and replace it in a way that give me a lot of routing and synthesis options. It would take a lot more time and $$ to get it "off the ground" as it were.

Related to studio furniture, are there any modular desk and rack options people would suggest that aren't $1000? I'd like to have a desk that can seat a couple of pieces of gear, monitors, as well as a computer keyboard and some extra space for misc desk stuff. I have a good amount of rack gear I'd like to have accessible from my desk too, but I could also see putting it into a large rack off to the side.