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Old 19th October 2013
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Are the 527's patchable into any channel or only hard wired on the 2buss or the 4 recording channels?

I think they manage to fit a lot into the small foot print.. REAL faders are a god send and the integration of a proper centre section, balanced inserts and the raft of other features that truly do make it just a like a console, yet it dont look like an API legacy!

If you could add additional fader buckets to it that would be a slam dunk for me..

Agree that the 550/pres/comps might not be to everyones taste but if there was a version sans them for around $12.5 K then it would be a total no brainer for most given we've got all our fave outboard units already or we could put our beloved 500 series into the blank slots.

Will be interesting to hear it in action