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Old 19th October 2013
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Looks nice. Reading the manual it looks well thought out, looks more like a mini console than a typical summing mixer.

The 4 chans of mic pres and 2 chans of of EQs are kind of unnecessary for a summing mixer. Would have been nice if they just left it open as 8 500 series slots. Leaving those out would have saved like 4-5k off the price.

The main thing though which most summing mixers lack that really limits their functionality is stereo busses. Would be nice to see a summing mixer with like 2 stereo busses with inserts available on top of a master buss. Doing a drum submix so that you can process it as a group before sending it to the master requires work arounds on most summing mixers. If only the 4 input channels on this unit also worked as assignable busses...