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I don't know if this will help much. I bought an Apogee Mini Me and found the pre to be a bit harsh. I bypassed the pres and clocked and converted with the mini and still no love. I ended up taking it back and buying an ADI-2. I'm not saying I am soured on Apogee all together since I haven't used the rosttas....maybe they are different than the Mini. I do know that I am very happy with the ADI-2.

FWIW, I did not try the Rosetta or the Mytek. I do know that for the money the ADI-2 is a very good deal. I paid like 700 USD. I think the the Rosetta is like 1500 USD and the Mytek is 1200 USD. Oh and the ADI-2 is not only Audio to Dig conversion you get Dig to Audio also. The other two you mentioned are only Audio to dig. I hope that helps, good luck!
Hi , thanks !!!

The price of ADI is very good!

But , now i want to know about MYTEK 96 ADC or 192 ADC ?!
Anyone knows the diferences? Mytek is better ???