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Old 16th October 2013
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I've been interested in this pedal for a long time. While there are a lot of you tube clips on it, I haven't see as much forum activity on it over the years as other pedals, it seems.

I did end up trying the sovereign, and it would've been the perfect distortion pedal for me and the modern tones I'm after, if it didn't bass clip thru my setup. It did it thru different amps and two different sovereign pedals, and no other pedal has done this using my rig.

Then I forgot about the triple wreck and, in the meantime, the MXR super badass distortion caught my eye recently and will likely be my next purchase.

Which again bumps the triple wreck, but I see it in my future one day.

If you've played a real triple rec before, how close does it get? Some you tube clips seem to get it in the ballpark, but it's hard to judge by those.