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Old 16th October 2013
New Pedal stoke. Wampler triple wreck

I picked up a wampler triple wreck distortion pedal a few weeks ago and I feel like my search for the perfect distortion pedal is over. I have been looking for a distortion that can deliver classic and modern high gain metal distortion. I stumbled across the triple wreck and my ears perked up. I wanted something that would have a thick but clear distortion. Most pedals I have tried sound overly fizzy and more noise then tone. The triple wreck sounds like metallica or any classic 80's metal band. I am able to actually sound like i can shred with this pedal. There is something about the low end that brings out the pick attack which I believe is making my playing more accurate. It is also the perfect compliment to my tube screamer and Laney amp distortion. The boost is cool taking the pedal into a very convincing fuzz territory which is an added bonus. I am also able to get some more vintage distortions as well by playing with the knobs. It has a very wide range of tones. The price is steep but I think it's worth it because it is a very musical pedal. anyway. I'm pretty sure it will stay on my board forever. Love love love.

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