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Old 16th October 2013
Here for the gear

Thank you for the info.

I have delved deep into the underground vault which is focusrite to find some information on both products. The pro 40 is not capable of duplex transfer on the output. so that is totally out the window, and the Octopre does not have ADAT inputs that it can sync from. It does however have a BNC word clock, but the pro 40 doesn't, so again, that option is out the window. Looks like I will have to use the Octopre as the master, which isn't all that bad considering it has slightly higher specs on its internal clock. The real problem now is to get the pro 40 to start accepting 24 bit signals since I don't want to have to start truncating bits because of a software problem when both units are built to use 24 bit resolution. And this is where I am really at a loss. I can't find any info in focusrites FAQ, manuals or on the web in general about how to select bit depth.