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Old 16th October 2013
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Focusrite saffire pro 40 and octopre mark one ADAT


I have recently acquired an older model of the Focusrite Octopre, namely the mark one (Platinum series), and am having some issues with getting it to work via the ADAT interface.
I have tried following the steps in Focusrites manuals, both for the Pro 40 and for the Octopre, but with limited success.
The problem is that I am unable to get it to sync properly on any other setting than 44.1 KHz 16 bit.
The problem seems to come from the pro 40s controlling software (S-MIX) where I am supposed to be able to choose frequencies and what it should sync to. After setting the frequency to 48Khz on the S-MIX, it automatically jumps back to 44.1 after a second or so, and sometimes the sync selector is stuck on internal. I have tried this with and without Logic Pro running, and the frequency just doesn't seem to want to be changed.
The bit depth also seems to be stuck on 16 bit, which I find odd since both the octopre and the pro 40 should be able to handle 24 bit resolution. The only way that I could notice that it is set at 16 bit is by toggling the dither button between the different modes to see where I get a signal.

And also, does anyone know if the optical output on the Pro 40 is a duplex port (can it be used as both in and output)? This is relevant if I for some reason want to send all eight channels of the octopre through the ADAT bus on 96 KHz.

But the main thing I want solved is how do I get the two units to play along at 48KHz 24 Bit. And is this at all anything I should bother with since I am getting them to play nice on 44.1Khz 16 bit which is the CD standard?
(Does bitrate effect how digital plugins effect the signal in my DAW etc)

Thank you for your time.
/ Anders