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Audio Transformers in the FAIRCHILD 670 and mine

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Note sure if this is Internet here say but I've been told and read a few times that the biggest issue in the Xformers was the actual materials used in the windings. This has historically prevented a like for like copy as there were some metals and processes used in the cores production that are now prohibited to be undertaken as part of a more 'greener' manufacturing regime world wide.

Not sure how true but I can see like Neve repo's that this is a crucial ingredient in the mix and scheme of things when trying to nail 'that sound'!

Any truth here or just WWW BS?


All I can say is that I am not building the transformers myself and that professional who have been doing it for the past 40-50 years have hundreds of bobbins and laminations in stock, nothing is thrown away, especially if you a dealing with someone that is dedicated and passionate about audio transformers with a constant demand for audio stuff...
Please contact Kore Studio in LONDON if you want to send some files and hear my FAIRCHILD.

If you call UTC tomorrow, they will manufacture the transformer for you, it cost about £1000 setup charge and about £400 per transformer, all the 50s military spec transformer that may have been utilised for the army equipment has got to be repeatable with exactly the same spec, no questions asked, so there is stock, believe me! It is the same as the "new old stock" valves, it's insane how much of the stuff is left!

For the pollution part, we can talk about Pyralene if you like, here is what I found on the net:
Technically speaking, Pyralene has excellent properties: it tolerates great temperatures - up to 1,700 degrees, does not mix with any other substance, It is stable and non-degradable. It was used to charge of transformers, because the physical and chemical contacts could not be ignited and cause any damage. Also in the reactive energy compensation systems it was used to recharge the capacitor batteries.
In the seventies of the last century was discovered a terrible malignant characteristic of pyralene: Pyralene is a carcinogen and causes genetic mutations.

Pyralene is virtually indestructible and naturally chemically and physically irresolvable. It destroys only artificially, on ignition in special furnaces at temperatures above 1,700 degrees, but then as an incidental product to the final destruction of it, Phosgene and Diphosgene is released, some of the worst poison gases in the world. So, it is a liquid that by getting, for example, in the ground, leaves irreparable consequences. Likewise, of course, would be if the pyralene got into the water and air. A disaster would be imminent. The nature can not do anything to Pyralene. People have created it, only the people can destroy it.

Now, what people need to realise is that the FAIRCHILD audio transformers hasn't got anything to do with big power transformers that runs at high temperature in power station, or in big equipment and we are not dealing with the high voltage from an old TV set either!

None of the UTC and Triad transformers used in the FAIRCHILD is oiled filled with PYRALENE and doesn't need to be, the pollution is out of question here, I am sorry to say.

I hope this helps clarifying some of the questions and fears that you had.