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EAR660 topology

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I was only mentioning the EAR600 because it uses the same principle where the valves are only used for the audio:
The Audio path is authentic : An input Transformer, a Push-Pull with a cascode arrangement, as you mention, and an output transformer, nothing else.
And in another hand, the control side and power supply is all solid state using TL082, TL084 for the side chain along side with a few discrete transistors (BC149,159) and standard TIP41 and 42 to generate the control voltage which is much less using these tubes...

I hope this clarifies everything.

..a bit confusing: IIRC, the Ear660 uses PCC189 vari-mu tubes in a strange cascode type setup, very very far from the Fairchild's push-pull 6386 setup. Yet this is both? Or neither?

That aside - what a beautiful device! And a very good idea to update it to contemporary functionality instead of clinging to purist classicness.

Jakob E.

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