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Old 14th October 2013
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Liquid Notes 1.5: The best Liquid Notes ever!

A major step forward, with a completely new UI

Only days ago we have released a major update of Liquid Notes which features a redesign of the user interface, additional features like a track view and single-track to multi-track import for Ableton Live users. And, best of all, you can now get Liquid Notes for the special price of $99.95 for a short period only at participating retailers!

Put all of the above together, this makes it the simplest solution to edit complex harmonic progressions for single-track or multi-track arrangements, and yet makes the theory of harmony fully accessible to the user.

Here's a look at the detailed changes of this update:

Better usability
  • Main control elements on the screen have been reassigned and repositioned for a better operation of the application
  • Additional drop-down lists with all available chords have been added for easier adjustments of a setting
  • "Limit zoom level" in Settings enables you to select if chords shall turn into fading lines when reaching the minimum display width of the control elements of a chord box
  • Additional quick menu item for reharmonize settings added to quick menu bar
  • Multi-combination feature of control knob has been eliminated

Enhanced overview
  • Addition of a track view providing a high-level overview of your musical arrangements on a single-instrument level *

More stability
  • Inclusion of Java Runtime Environment in the installation package for Mac to prevent issues if Java is not available or up-to-date on your local computer

Improved support for Ableton Live
  • Addition of an import feature for single tracks that allows building them into a multi-track arrangement in Liquid Notes

Further work has been done under the hood and in areas reported by customers. Read more on our blog about it.

Download and update
The update is free of charge for those who purchased a license of Liquid Notes already. Download it from our website, and run the installation - no need to deinstall an old version of the software!

If your trial has expired, please click on "Reactivate trial period" in the licensing info box when launching Liquid Notes or contact us at [email protected]!

Any feedback is very welcome!

bliquid25 (and the Re-Compose Team)

*: A more granular piano roll that presents information on a single-note level is not included in this update.