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Here for the gear

Well the Cm402 Mic is what they say it is

Just finished a 2 day session using the CM402, that Blackbird suggested to me for acoustic instruments. And the final vote is in and in a land slide victory it came in this way....BAAAAAAAD TO THE BONE. I will own one as soon as I can find one. It stood out so much that when the acoustic player saw it he laughed at the construction of it and referred to it as a miniture bug zapper which is kind of what it looks is the size of a coke can and is covered in a mesh material. Honestly it looks like a mic that would sell for maybe $100 bucks, if that....but as soon as we cut the first track the player asked and I quote "Where in hell did you get this mic, it sounds better than any mic I have ever played to"....the guys did not steer me wrong....all of the acoustic tracks we cut are so clean and true to the natural sound of the instrument.....even though it does not favor much it has won my vote......give it a try if you get the will be happy.