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Here's part of what I have gathered so far, maybe it already helps some of you guys. Please correct me if I'm wrong or add a country that you know of. It's going to be much appreciated!

R128 in place with -23LUFS, true peak not exceeding -3dBFS on all national networks such as ORF, ATV, PULS4, SERVUSTV;
for any material longer than 2 minutes (e.g. shows, documentary) loudness range must not be greater than 15LU (in stereo) or 20LU (in 5.1).

local (province) stations may vary, so far I know that TIROLTV is still at 0dbFS.
ServusTV is all -23LUFS, TP not exceeding -1, no LRA that I know of, and I'm mixing shows for ServusTV all day long for the last weeks.