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Old 25th September 2013
NORWAY Update:
TV3 (Viasat) changed from -12 to -10 dBFS. (Not True Peak)

From spec sheet:
Audio Level, Reference Level and Measurement
Programme audio levels shall always be measured by Peak Programme Meters (PPM) to BS 5428.

The Maximum or Peak Programme Level shall never exceed 8dBs above the programme’s Reference Level.

Digital Audio Reference level is defined as 18dB below the maximum coding value
(-18dBFS) as per EBU recommended practice R68.

Mono Line-up Tone shall be at a frequency of 1kHz +/- 100Hz and represent 8dB less than the maximum allowable peak.

For stereo sources, Stereo Line-up Tone shall be provided at a frequency of 1kHz +/- 100Hz and shall indicate the left and right programme legs: namely, EBU/ITC Stereo Tone at -8dB (PPM 4 / Zero Level) with only the left leg identified by breaks.