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Old 18th September 2013
Here for the gear

not so bad

My band recently got bumped up to #7 for portland folk charts. we just released a record and and we haven't paid a dime on RN. I also see that the top 5 bands on our charts are in my opinion are some of the most popular folk acts in town. I'm not sure if they are paying there way to the top or how thats really possible... but it really does reflect the crowds they are getting to their shows. I think RN is a tool like any other to promote your band. Its a small niche community for musicians to showcase their band or music, maybe its flooded with mostly other musicians but thats okay! It has helped us book shows with other bands on there and in turn met their fans! It has been helpful for us and we are selling more CDs and getting a lot more fans and plays since we have been at number 7. I would tell any artist that the more you do in the digital world to promote your music, the better. It doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money either... Just put out good music and put time and effort into any display that you use to promote it!

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