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It looks like the pots in the 828 are made by ALPS.
Two different reverse log values on one wafer. C20k/C2k
ALPS documentation clearly states "not applicable to DC" for these models, and DC seems to be the problem in this MOTU 828 design!!
IMHO, the best way out is to design a whole new daughterboard that would hold two "normal" 2-section pots.
Then everyone could just replace the daughterboard in 5 minutes, without soldering/modding the main board.
Almost any (modular) 20k/2k reverse log (C) pot can be used.
Bourns seems to be 5x the price of ALPS according to my info.
There is not a lot of clearance between the daughterboard and the top cover, so a 14mm type is the max you could fit.
The shafts might have to be extended. I did not find any modular pot with long shafts.
Can't measure things, since I don't have a unit here.
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