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Here for the gear

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I used only 55 cm for my test. When I moved the absorbers 40 cm away from the back wall the first length mode was completely gone. I think 70 cm would be fine.
Ok. Then he could propably get away with 10cm air + 60cm treatment if he wants to save a few cents.

Since a SBA has the same frequency response for all seats in a row it can be easily equalized for one complete seat row. I would choose the first row where the host sits.
That is a great benefit with these bass arrays.

He will have two rows (3+3) altough the one in the back is a tight fit. And yes the first row is the one being calibrated. The second row will be against the back wall basically so no one could hope to have it sound good.

I'll place absorbers for frequencies >100 Hz on the side walls and diffusers of course. The absorbers have to be no thicker than 20 cm to absorb the frequencies >100 Hz.
My ideas are similar.

I´m still unsure about sidewall and ceiling absorbers though. Side walls are no problem and they will be built last. They can be tuned easily if necessary. Maybe they will be 20 cm or maybe less. With 20 cm absorbition they could perhaps effect a bit too low because sound aproaches these surfaces in angles.

And how about a lowered ceiling?
Would for example a 15 cm drop with absorption in the first reflection points leave the bass response unchanged (good)? Would a dropped ceiling with some dampening effect the height of sub placement in the front wall?

Of course these will be measured and fitted accordingly when the front and back walls are up but it would be good to have somekind of a plan about the ceiling before he can start building it.

Btw. I don´t have good room acoustics modeling software so planning is kind of a pot shot at the moment.

Btw. my front will be a complete baffle wall behind a cuved screen. I can post mode pictures when I start building the room.
Baffle wall with subs and mains. Check.
Curved screen. Check.
Amount of subs...

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