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Old 7th September 2013
Gear Head

For the Duet and Quartet, you need to have Mac I believe, as is with the Apogee products. As far as I understand, they are great sounding if you only need a few I/O.

I needed 8 inputs and was looking to have at least 4 solid interface preamps. As far as I've heard, the internal preamps on the Apogee and UA interfaces are of higher quality than most interface preamps. The Apollo pres work just fine for what I need them for.

I actually made my final decision to go with Apollo based on the addition of the UAD processing and free plugins that came with it. I had not started to build a plugin collection so it was a factor.

As far as the Radial Cube, I'm sure it's fine if you only need 3 preamps/processors at a time. I needed more and I also wanted to rack mount my chassis; that is why I went with the 500-6B.