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Here for the gear


Good Morning:
I would like to share my experience with 18i20 ...
I bought it to record drums. I hear it on and connect to a microphone (condenser and dynamic) the preamp signal interfere with the other channels. strange. this is more evident when the level reaches audio clip. interference in the other channels is approx-55db and it is not software problem. I tried to record two channels .. at first I did not connect any device (no cable) in the second plug my microphone neumann ... the recorded signal on channel 2 was good but on channel 1 with nothing connected microphone was heard on channel 2 with distortion and a much lower volume than channel 2, the interference increased as the volume of the pre. I tried the other channels and I see that still the same problem .. Tried different cables and microphones was the same.
I would like others to give their opinon about it or if it's just a problem of my interface. and for people who are interested in buying scarlett try before you buy.