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Old 6th September 2013
Metric Halo LOVE!!

Hey, just thought I'd throw this out there... Metric Halo has the best customer support of any company I have ever experienced, hands down. Unbelievable!! I bought my MIO 2882 back in 2006 (7 years ago!) and it's still going strong with daily professional use, my unit has been upgradeable and energetically supported by the company even as they've developed many other newer products. Every time I've had a question, I've been able to get someone on the phone either immediately or next day and it's always worked out to my satisfaction. Tech support has been very engaged and proactive, and also honest about the limitations of my system (VERY few, esp. compared to other devices I have used in other studios). Makes professional audio work feel much more like a community engaged in open, excited sharing and mutual support, than a relentless cut-throat competition for work and sales, and makes the world seem smaller in a good way. Seems to me that MH is and has been winning just by doing what they do, doing it VERY well, and being awesome.

Just got two 2882's working together via aggregate for the first time, mixing a session in 88.2 through analog outboard, and it's sounding amazing. If anyone's in the market for a AD/DA solution and not sure where to go, this company's high standards of audio and GUI quality, diligence in supporting its product, and creativity in finding ways of improving its products for customers the company can already count on, are unparalleled, and continue to impress 7 years and running.

Thanks for listening, back to work...