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Hi Erol.

For sure the black ones are just full of color and character with such smooth knobs for twisting fun.
I am not going to lie I am a huge fan of SSL and of course as an owner of the SSL Matrix I had to get my self an X-Rack full of wonderful EQ.

I own a few EQ units and the black are my favorites up there with my other favorites from the GR Harrison of course.

Remember with the black EQ you are actually getting 2 Eq's in one unit as they are switchable between black and brown. Have not spent to much time with the brown as the black always has me smiling.
I often boost with the black EQ, anything from drums to bass and lead lines.
All electronic music here. No samples though.
Drum machine processing, synths and all that stuff.

Another thing I can add is the quality of the X-Rack. It is decent and very well built. Not heavy and awkward either, quite light actually.
BTW The black just look so much better
Thanks. I'm still in doubt though... Also because I only have room for 2 modules in a Mynx rack... So. 2 mono black EQs or 1 stereo silver EQ and 1 silver stereo dynamics channel...
Also looking into a lunchbox solution btw..