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I'm thinking of buying a Mynx with 1 stereo EQ and 1 Stereo dynamics channel. I already own the UAD SSL channelstrip and Buscompressor.
Is this 5% difference really worth the $$?
How are you using the Mynx btw. On a 2bus?
Yes the 5% does make a difference , I use it to process drums only at this point for the punch that I want to hear . My link demonstrates the silver comp/eq in action for drums . I have been doing ITB for 15 years and now In the process of trying to move over to analogue . With the Sigma coming out and other companies like better-maker and their mastering eq with digital recall it is making the choice easier for me . If SSL brought out fully digitally recallable channels like bettermaker or the Neve genesys eq/comp cartridges , I would be very happy So I just use it as menioned above .

I have to say the SIlver X comp is amazing for tracking vocals and bass . It is a very good compressor .