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Old 2nd September 2013
Here for the gear

For my first post, I will agree with Jim as well. If you're just looking at processing your stereo buss, then there's nothing to sum, so picking up a good buss compressor and eq is a good option.

However, your Babyface has an ADAT output so, depending on your budget, you could add an 8-channel DA converter to your system, giving you 10 outputs to send out for summing (assuming your set up uses two of your analogue outputs for your monitoring).

If you went down that road, then analogue summing becomes a bit more interesting (although you'll still be looking at sending out stereo stems). My X-Desk arrived last week -and I've been really impressed with that so far- so that's another option to consider, then you've got those channel and master insert points to fill be your processing gear of choice...