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Old 3rd August 2013
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General Music S3 Battery and Electrical Issues

First, in response to the battery questions ... I have replaced my battery but, per the warning in the earlier post, you do need to crack open the unit, be prepared to do some soldering work and will need to be careful to put all back together knowing that the tolerances are tight (the SCSI cables sometime come loose as you reassemble). FWIW: I was able to get a battery off of eBay for less than US$10... but make sure you get the right voltage and ensure that it is the 3 prong version (v. 2 prong).

Second, need help - the reason I went down this path is because I was having an issue w/ my S3 and was hoping it was the battery preventing the BIOS to load - unfortunately not the fix I was hoping for... My unit is firing up and all of the lights (i.e. every red light on the board) light up but it does not go further. It is like it "freezes up." Has anyone experienced this - any solutions?

If I can't find solution - may be interested in selling unit for parts if anyone should be interested.

Thx in advance.