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You mention the Turbo versions of the S3 have a leaky battery. How about the non-turbo versions? I have a non-turbo S3, and because it doesn't seem to remember anything, I'm wondering if it even has a battery at all. How do you open up these machines?
The non-turbo models have a CR2032 lithium coin cell that backs up the global parameters like MIDI settings but patches aren't backed up and GEM expected consumers to save sounds, patches, and performances to disk. The Turbo and rack models have SRAM for patch storage (though it isn't very large, it can hold about one and a half disks worth of data). The Static RAM requires a rechargable NiCd backup battery, hence the leakage issues.

There was provision for the S Series to have an internal SCSI hard disk but GEM abandoned the S Series in favour of the cheaper to produce Equinox line. You can see a space for the hard drive when you open the unit up and the connector looks similar to a 25 pin SCSI-1 interface but as far as I am aware SCSI isn't supported in the S operating system.

If I remember correctly, to open the S2 you had to loosen the screws that run along the bottom of the front and back edges. The cover then lifts off but be careful of the delicate flat cables that go to the display. I really don't advise poking around in the S series insides unless you really have to. I had a close call or two with my display not working after I had put the entire thing back together. Any Turbo models though do need to be cracked open to prevent or repair battery damage.